Thunder Cannon Bundle - Red Phase Subspace

Thunder Cannon Bundle - Red Phase Subspace

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Please note these items are made to order. Allow 6-8 Weeks from time of order to time of shipping.

Usage Notes:   The pieces are intended for adult collectors and should not be given to small children. 

Stagwolf's roots are in the customizing community, so we always design our parts to be easily personalized and adjusted to your tastes and needs.  Because of the modular nature of the design and the intent to be compatible with a broad range of figures and accessories the 5MM Posts and Ports were designed to be intentionally snug.  The material they are produced in is extremely durable and will generally bend and not break, so do not be concerned if some force is required. 

The Ports and Posts are also unpainted, allowing for non-destructive light-sanding or clear coating to achieve the perfect fit for your particular use-case.   Finally, the Posts are also intentionally longer than may be required in some use cases, but can be easily trimmed down to size. 

The Beam Rifles' Wing Attachment Tab is designed to be VERY gentle to the big expensive Third Party Thunderstorm toy.   Friction is enough to hold them in position on display, but they will disengage very easily.


The Thunder Cannon weapons set was designed to be a modular multi-figure compatible set of armaments evoking classic toy designs but with more modern and aggressive styling.

2x Heat Targeting Beam Cannons:  These large Cannons are ideal for large-scale figures, they’re heavy but their tight 5mm pegs will keep them securely mounted in many configurations.   In addition, the Cannons feature a total of 4x 5mm ports each (8x total in the bundle).  These ports let you combine any of the other guns from the Thunder Cannon series as add-ons for more firepower.  They will also accommodate and 5mm-peg stock weapons from your original toy that you want to mount on the combined arsenal.  Finally, the ridge along the top of the Cannon can mount on Garatron G.O.D. Thunderstorm’s Wings in all 3 modes for storage or extra fire power.

1x Tempest Pistol:  This hand weapon is very versatile and can be held by a very wide range of figures.  It looks great as a small pistol on large scale figures, or can serve as a hand-cannon for smaller toys.  The standard 5mm peg allows it to slot into the Beam Cannon as a targeting scope, or it can be mounted on any other 5mm-compatible figure.

2x MRV-E1 Quad Cannons:  These gattling guns are extremely versatile.  They make for dramatic hand weapons when held by smaller figures, and are perfect power-ups when mounted on the larger Beam Cannons or onto the 5mm  mounting points of any toy.   But best of all, these cannons hide a secret.   They can be used as an adapter to allow you to merge 2010 Generations Thunderwing and Garatron G.O.D. Thunderstorm in vehicle mode to evoke the original Mega-Vehicle-Configuration.